“Marketing 3.0”

From manipulating to creating deep value


This conference teaches us the inherent risks in traditional marketing and shows us how to use state of the art marketing to build much more logical, effective and profitable relationships with your clients and business partners

After attending this conference you will understand:

  • How the human minds work and how marketers use this knowledge to sell us products and services.
  • How over a century ago the consumer society was created and what has been the cost of extracting more value than the one that has been created.
  • How forward looking companies in different industries are putting traditional marketing practices on their head and replacing them with new more logical, profitable and sustainable models that add deep value and delight both clients and employees.
  • Why today it’s not a matter of differentiating yourself from  the competition. but rather making a difference in the client’s life.
  • Why today the brand is owner by  the consumer and why a company’s future is imminently linked to social networks.
  • Why co-creating products and services with your clients, employees and business partners is a much more logical, efficient and cost-effective method than traditional strategic planning.
  • Finally you will understand how to do true 3.0 marketing that creates true value for your clients, employees and society while respecting the earth.