Disruptive technologies

Put them to work for you!


This is a historic moment. We’re at a tipping point where the exponential changes generated through technology are starting to disrupt everything.

In this conference we analyse how new technologies are or will disrupt many of the most important industries in the world and what you need to keep in mind to continue to be competitive in the years ahead.

After listening to this conference you will understand:

  • Which industries will flourish and which will fail in the next 10 to 15 years ahead.
  • How augmented reality applications are building a bridge between the web and traditional commerce and how it will change retail forever.
  • Why 3D printing will transform manufacturing and distribution.
  • How autonomous cars will revolutionize the car industry.
  • How vertical farms will alleviate world hunger.
  • What are the pro and cons of Big Data and how to promote a balance between evolution and privacy.
  • And we even have a look at what is called the singularity when technology and biology combine latter this century and how that will extend human life to the limit.
  • Finally we will talk about how to prepare  mentally and emotionally to change and embrace responsibility for our growth and well being.