Celebrate life!!!

I just discovered a wonderful celtic writer, poet and philosopher. His name is John O’Donahue and I want to share with you some of his teachings and the inspiration I received.

For example, the celtics believe that the soul is not outside the body, but rather the body is inside the soul, and  that makes each one of us is the incarnation of God and our body is a temple.

I love this idea because it eliminates the notion of the separation of the body and soul, and he fact that the body is inside the soul makes the body a mystical and sacred place.

Another aspect of the celtic philosophy  that I really resonate with is that our senses are living prayer.

For them sensuality is beautiful. It is not something vulgar and shameful, but rather it’s something full of light and joy. Specifically, it’s life’s most profound communion with God which is manifest through our senses. For them pleasure is a tribute to our dignity as human beings. Wow!

They believe that our senses reveal the divine in the air, the sun, the water and the earth, as well as in each one of us. I Totally agree.

Something that I’ve learnt though out my life is that tension melts away when we live through our senses. We see the world as a kinder place. All of a sudden we no longer feel like orphans, exiled and alone, but a part of a beautiful family that we must celebrate.

Probably the greatest pain that exist is the feeling caused by the illusion of separation. It is hell on earth. And to deal with it we wrap ourselves in our ego and become cold and cynical, or even worse, aggressive and cold blooded.

That is why we must learn to feel and go deeply into ourselves. To listen to the voice of the pain that is generated through the illusion of separation and understand that this pain is our dearest friend because it is the cincel of our consciousness that is chipping away at the shell of our ego, helping us shatter it and free us from its oppression.

Another point that O’Donahue made is that as children the often teach us about the shortcomings of sin, but rarely do they teach us that the gravest sin of all is waisting our life.

It seem as though everything around us is set up so that we prepare to live. First they tell us to study hard so that we can get a good job and then they tell to work hard so that you can make enough money to assure a good retirement. And what about our life?

Too many people reach the end of their days saying to themselves, if only I had one more year to live and to do all that that I have always yearned to do. Unfortunately, because they spent their life putting off what their heart yearned, and the time has passed they no longer have the opportunity to live a meaningful life. What a shame… what a sin!

So many of the reasons that supposedly limit our possibilities of living a meaningful life are mear illusions in our mind. There are no real barriers. Therefore we should never permit our fear or the limits that other put upon us to determine our destiny.

God, Creation, or Mother Earth, however you want to call it, is gracious, abundant and fair. It takes us under its wing and gives us all we need if only we risk living a meaningful life.

Often the worst hardships in our lives are due to the fact that we are not living the life we love but rather the life that is expected of us.

We need to recuperate the course of our lives, for if we live a life we love we will find in it the refuge and blessing that we long.

Keep in mind that we have only one life. Don’t waste it. Live it fully. The illusion of security is just that, an illusion. Life is worth more, much more than the false sense of security of a mediocre existence numbed by the promise of 101 cheap solutions that will help you forget who you really are.

There is no outside solution to our solitude. Neither going shopping, nor having a drink or vegging out in front of the TV will do the trick.  Killing time kill you. Take control of your life. But do it kindly. Brutally applying willpower is not the answer.  Rather grow through the exercise of liberating the light of your conscience. Have faith. Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Let it guide you and never give up!

And this brings me back to the celtic conception of the body as the temple of the soul and to celebrating life through developing our senses.

When we learn to develop our senses we no longer long to flee from the world, but rather we long to live it. Through our senses we learn to establish an intimate relationship with the best part of ourselves. We learn to invoke and get to know both the depths and heights of our being. And by doing it generating the most profound, inspiring and invigorating experience there is.

As I said at the outset, the celtic philosophy believes that the body lives inside the soul and John O’Donohue offers us a simple exercise to befriend our soul.

It goes like this.

The first step is to visualize the soul like a force field of glowing particles of multicolored light all around you. When I did this exercise I saw that each particle was really a tiny little angle of light that was waving its rainbow. Awesome!

The second step is to breathe and to imagine that as you inhale you are taking into your self the light. And the third step is to imagine that as you exhale this light is expanding and radiating in you, infusing each and every one of your cells with positive vibrations which make you smile and feel light, inspired and enthusiastic.

I believe that there are no coincidences. Works are wise. Enthusiastic means “full of God”.

To conclude, our body is a temple and our senses are preyer. Therefore I invite you to practice every day this simple exercise of breathing into yourself the force of devine light and permitting it to infuse each and every one of your cells with profound enthusiasm for the joy of being alive.

Have a great day.