It’s your time to lead an awesome meaningful life.

Let me ask you a question:

Are you happy? Are you healthy? Are you are living a meaningful life? Or are you just on survival mode trying to justify the unjustifiable?

I know the feeling. I’ve been there. Numb. Stupid. Apparently satisfied.


Then one day life gave me a violent wake up call.

On february 16th, 2006 my 20 year old son Mac, died of cancer.

Over a few months I went from an successful, cynical and ruthless corporate executive to a loving and caring human being.

Having the privilege of accompanying my son and helping him die with dignity, taught me that life is precious and  short and that we have this one chance to REALLY make a difference.

That is why over the past years I’ve taken very seriously studying, living and teaching how to become a healthy, happy and productive human being and how to apply that knowledge to building successful and vibrante businesses that add deep value to clients, employees and society.

The road has been fascinating. I’ve had the privilege of worked with thought leaders like Gary Hamel, Adrian Slywotzky, Phillip Kotler and Seth Godin. Studied and taught positive psychology. Learnt transcendental meditation and laughter yoga. Created and given courses with business schools like UCLA, Lausanne and Cornell. Lost 25 pounds and brought my colesterol level down 100 points through exercise, and a plant based diet. And during this time became a radio personality, given over 400 keynote speeches, brought out a couple of books, sat on boards and created courses that have helped people, companies and institutions grow, add value and prosper.

Now it’s your time to grow.

To learn how to live a life you love, write your own check and make a difference in the world.

  • Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel taking charge of your life.
  • Understanding how the world is changing and how to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities the digital revolution has to offer.
  • Getting really good at marketing, management and sales.
  • Being in control of your emotions and having a healthy body and mind.
  • Becoming a role model for the people you love and leaving a meaningful legacy.

But its not just about the future as important as it is. It’s about today. It’s about the here and now. It’s about having your clients thank you for the value you add to their lives. It’s about the people around you wanting to be around you, sharing a world view and collaborating to build it together.  It’s about feeling healthy, happy, optimistic and full of energy. It’s about LIVING a life you love to live.

However this life you’ll love to live requires assuming responsibility for your wellbeing and committing to your happiness. 

You see success has very little to do with inspiration. Rather inspiration has to do with hard work. With respecting ourselves and caring enough to make a difference.

If you are here and have read this far it’s because you care. It’s because you want to have a wonderful life and want to make a difference. So let me help you embrace an awesome meaningful life.


Please join my growing community of friends.

Get to know me through my podcast, videos and books. Then if you like them please take a course or maybe even permit me to help you make your business, company or institution more fit for the future.

Thanks again for being here and for being who you are.


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